Slow Food

We love to take part in local events and provide the utmost level of quality to our clients. Chef David Catering takes pride in following the Slow Food mantra of good, clean and fair food.

One question we get often is what is slow food? Carlo Petrini and a group of activists spearheaded slow Food as an alternative to fast food in the 1980s. A snail was chosen as the symbol for this movement as it moves slowly as it eats its way through life. Today, Slow Food is a global movement involving many chapters, including Miami, and millions of people in over 160 countries.

Slow Food

At its core, “Slow Food is food that’s good for us, good for our environment and good for the people who grow, pick and prepare it.” The core values of this movement are to have local food through gastronomical technique and tradition. While the movement of local produce is big, it also strives to educate on local farming and taste education especially through teaching gardening skills in local communities.

Breaking it down to its core, good represents quality, flavorsome and healthy food. Clean reflects production that is not harmful to the environment. Lastly, fair resonates with conditions that are equal for consumers and producers at an accessible price. These qualities are seen from farm to table.

Slow Food embodies little moments that begin at the table. If you’re looking to host an event that incorporates these qualities, don’t hesitate in reaching out to us here.