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When organizing an event, big or small, there are many important decisions to make. In most cases, food choices lie at the center of any special occasion or event. In order to remove the stress, the right caterer will make the difference for your big day.  We compiled a list of important questions to ask in order to plan a successful event.

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What events are within your wheelhouse? Make sure the prospective caterer has as much information about your event as possible so they can determine what is the best fit for your event.

What style of service would best suit our event? Food incorporation ranges in concept depending on the style of service chosen by event. This can range from hors d’ouevres to food stations to family style service to plated service. Knowing this information will contribute to a better understanding of the staffing and equipment needs for the day of the event.

Can the chef accommodate special dietary needs?  

Is the food locally sourced?  

Miami Events

Can the caterer handle rentals? Event rentals are one of the things that are most often forgotten when speaking to your caterer regarding the event. In fact, it can be one of the most complicated elements of the planning process. This can include anything and everything from tables and chairs to cups and plates and silverware. Caterers who provide rentals will allow for a seamless integration of food and decorative elements. 

What décor does the caterer provide for appetizer stations or buffet tables?

Does the caterer provide flowers and arrangements?

Miami Events

Does the caterer provide servers?

Who will be my point-of-contact throughout the planning process, as well as on the day of my event? The interaction and service provided throughout the planning process is vital to a successful event. Be sure to ask who will be in charge to make sure every detail is perfect.

Can you share client testimonials with me? While you can ask all the questions to ensure the criteria of your event will be to your expectation, do not forget to ask your caterer for client review. This will help gauge their quality and service level.

Miami Events

Feeling comfortable and making sure that you’re on the same page with your caterer is an important step towards ensuring your celebration is a success. Stay tuned for a full printable list to ensure all your questions are met when planning your event. Contact us here for your next event.