Rainy Day Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can take months but the hours leading up to the wedding are always the most critical, particularly when it comes to set up. Everyone hopes for a sunny day with clear skies; however, for a wedding in Florida, the notion of rain is not 100% out of the picture as this tropical setting is notorious for unexpected showers. In situations like these, it is all about backup plans to the backup plan. In order to best prepare for potential rain, make sure to have the below elements set for your wedding day:

Have a Plan in Place

In Miami, there is always a chance it may rain. From early on in the planning stages, be sure to write a contingency plan you can circulate with your vendors and stick to it. Additionally, make sure to think through a second option for your guests if the skies do in fact decide to open up on your wedding. If you see rain is on the horizon, send out an email with backup location. 

Prepare for your Guests

If there is the possibility of it raining halfway through your outdoor ceremony, make sure to prepare your guests appropriately. Having umbrellas on each guest’s seat is a nice touch to ensure they keep warm. Should the rain really hit, make sure to have hair dryers on hand in the bathrooms.

Bring Supplies for Yourself

When preparing the backup items to have for your special day, make sure to have a plan for yourself, in addition to the one in place for the guests. Do not forget to bring staples for you and the wedding party such as towels, ponchos and additional umbrellas. While you might have a stylist for the big day, don’t forget to bring backup waterproof mascara, disposable eyeshadow wands, and tissues should you need to do a last minute touch up.

Rainy Day Wedding Tips

Rent a Tent

If your ceremony is set to take place outside, research tents and rent one just in case. In case of a downpour, set the tent up at the highest ground of the venue as an alternative.

Make the Best of the Rain

Should you see rain is in the forecast in the days leading up to the big day, buy special umbrellas that match your and your wedding party’s outfits. Use these lifesavers as props for elegant pictures that photographers can take advantage of given the lighting from overcast skies. Make sure to speak to your prospective photographer and ensure that they are comfortable to shoot should stormy weather creep up. Create custom signs to say “Rain, Rain” and “Go-Away” and laugh it off like the drops hitting the ground.

The best way to fix any event that is looming with rain clouds is to have a great attitude. Embrace your situation as your wedding day is one to remember forever. Instead of acting like the rain is an inconvenience, pull of an event with the above tips that makes everyone talk about how amazing it was because of the weather, instead of in spite of it.

Rainy Day Wedding Tips

No one can control the weather; however, with a well thought out rain plan and a wedding vendor team such as Chef David Cuisine dedicated to bringing your vision to life, you can rest assured that your wedding day will come out spectacularly. For help from planning to execution of design, décor and food, reach out to us here and we will create a custom plan for your special day.