wedding catering in miami

Create your budget. Turn your wedding budget into a spending plan that works for you. A wedding budget calculator will help you think through a custom budget and hone into what areas are most important.

Season. Think through the below when deciding what time of year is best for you to get married:

·       If you’re looking to do an outdoor event, consider average weather and temperature.

·       If you want an afternoon wedding, consider what time the sun sets.

·       Keep in mind that holiday weekends might for guest travel.

·       What time the sun sets – do you have a full day of light or will it get dark at 4PM?

·       If you plan on inviting family that has kids, keep in mind school schedules to best allow for all to join.

·       Double check dates that fall close to holidays; travel plans may be slightly more complicated for those coming from out of town.

·       Certain times of year may be less expensive for a venue rental; however, if it is off-season, there is the chance that your preferred flowers may not be in season.

wedding catering in miami

Wedding Date. Once you’ve decided what time of year is best for you, one of the most important decisions surfaces: wedding date. Giving yourself time to plan is important and allows for you to ensure both sides of the parties are available to celebrate the big day! Miami weather is beautiful year round, making it a great place for all seasons.

Discuss your wedding size. Weddings range from small, intimate settings to large gatherings. Begin by brainstorming how many guests feel right for your special day. Next, make a list written or in Excel and see what number you land on. Having it spelled out will allow for cutting the list if need be to accommodate to your perfect size.

Having a proper estimated guest count will help you narrow down on which venue is best suited for your wedding day. Based on where you choose, variable costs will be affiliated. These include but are not limited to invitations, catering, rentals, and florals.

Location. Once you have a set number for your special day, you can hone in to venues in the area you want to get married. Is your heart set on a wedding close to home or are you more interested in a destination wedding? You should keep in mind planning logistics and guest travel when finalizing your location. It’s always a good idea here in Miami to think about a rain plan. Most outdoor venues have a plan, that may include an airconditioned tent.

wedding catering in miami

Wedding Style As soon as you are set on time and place, the style of the wedding is a next crucial part to decide upon. One must decide if you’re looking to do something casual, semi-formal or black tie. Dressing up the wedding is just as important. Styles range from vintage and rustic, to contemporary and clean cut.

In planning for the big day, make a list and decide on the must-haves, the would-like-to-haves and the wish-list. As time goes on, everything will fall into place! For help with everything from design to décor to food, reach out here and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram .