For the 17th year in a row, South Beach Wine and Food Festival (popularly known as #SOBEWFF) has exemplified nothing less than being a gourmet extravaganza! With 80° weather all weekend long, mixed with the Art Deco vibes of South Beach, it is easy to see how #SOBEWFF has transformed South Florida into a food-lovers’ paradise. Checkout three of our top moments from this year’s #SOBEWFF:

1.      Dewar’s Traveling Tiny House

Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey prides themselves on their premium, unique blends; which makes them one of the top-selling blended Scotches in the United States! For the second year in a row, Chef David Cuisine & Event Design has had the privilege to be a part of Dewar’s unique “Traveling House” experience. This concept was first created by Tommy Dewar; who had an eccentric passion for traveling & journaling while promoting Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey across the world. This same love and passionate energy to share the brand’s unique Scotch Whiskey still lives in the company today, and this is how the traveling house concept was created! Built by "Tiny House Nation" themselves, this little wooden box packed a whole heap of flavor when we were done with it! Our favorite cocktail was the Nitrogen Penne-Chillin! Amazing!


2.      Scotch Egg Club

If sharing scotch whiskey from a traveling wooden house wasn’t quirky enough, Dewar’s then created the “#ScotchEggClub”. A social media movement that lets scotch whiskey lovers everywhere interact and connect while also following the famous traveling house! “Why an egg club?”, you may ask. Besides being a travel fanatic, journalist, & legendary whisky magnate, Tommy Dewar was also a diligent and world respected chicken breeder. Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club brings his two original passions of the company to life with a series of events, bar residencies, and pop ups. Tommy’s quirkiness & wit is exemplified in a variety of games, entertainment, and Dewar’s whiskies!

3.      Collaboration with Michael Voltaggio: Top Chef Season 6 WINNER!!

This year, Chef David Schwardon Cuisine & Event Design had the privilege to work with Michael Voltaggio, winner of Bravo TV Network’s most famous cooking competition reality show ‘Top Chef’. Since winning Top Chef, Voltaggio has opened restaurants across the nation such as ‘Ink.Well’ in Los Angles and the upcoming ‘Monger’ in Miami. This year at #SOBEWFF, Voltaggio decided to redesign the traditional “Scotch Egg” and dress it up with a Miami flair.

What even IS a “Scotch Egg”??

A traditional Scotch egg is a go-to bar food, popular in the United Kingdom. It is composed of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs, and then baked or deep-fried. Not exactly a diet food, but most definitely a great snack after having one too many scotch shots (yikes!). However, Voltaggio’s Art Deco twist transformed this dish to a snack you could not resist!

A hard-boiled egg, pickled in beet juice gave this snack a pink Miami Vice makeover; making some guests believe that it was actually a candy! It was then crusted and deep-friend with shrimp sausage & blue corn tortilla chips. Topped off with saffron sour cream and salmon roe, this treat became such a hit that we served over 6,000 portions!


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